Meet Duo Looky

“We are Gal Baz and Ya-Ya, professional circus artists. the reason we chose this profession is because we believe that with the circus we will destroy all evil, heal the planet, and get a lot of attention..!”

We met by chance in September 2011 in a train station at our home town and right from the start we knew that there was something special between us… One year later, we were on a plane to Spain to fulfill our dream. Becoming circus artists.

We studied for two years at “carampa” circus school in Madrid where we acquired skills from the best teachers in Europe. This training was added on top of 10 years of experience in ballet classes (Ya-Ya) and 6 years of training in acrobatics and handstands (Gal Baz). Since than we have performed all over the world.

For us the circus world can contain all of the performance arts. As a circus artist there are no limits to your creativity. Anything can be used to create a show that will amaze the audience, excite them, scare them or inspire. Through the circus world you can connect with any audience of all ages.

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The Happy Hour Show​

an Acrobatic Comedy For Everyone!

A bartender and a waitress with a mobile bar, dreaming of fame in the circus world. Together they will mix their coolest tricks with spicy humor to win the love of the audience.
Duo Looky in a fast paced acrobatic comedy displaying original circus tricks you’ve never seen before, such as, balancing on bottles with point shoes and two people riding on one unicycle.
A Circus show that will leave you gasping for air from laughter and astonishment.
From big to small Duo Looky entertains them all! 

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If you watch until the end, we promise to send you our super secret recipe for chocolate mousse – it is like tasting the soft clouds of heaven!


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  • The show is 30-45 minutes long, depending on demand. 
  • The show is Fully interactive and suitable for all ages.
  • We can perform the show in 6 languages: Hebrew, English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and a non speaking version of 27 minutes. We will be happy to learn the show in other languages, if given enough incentive 😉

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